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Montrêux offers a wide variety of youth camps and activities, tennis lessons, swimming lessons and a playground add to the family‑friendly atmosphere.

Junior Golf

Bring your children and grandchildren out on the links at Montrêux to sharpen their golf skills. Whether your child has never played golf before, or is a skilled veteran, we invite all juniors aged 6 and up to participate in any or all of our scheduled junior golf activities throughout the season.

PGA Junior League: PGA Junior League is an organized league for junior golf in which Montrêux’s team competes against teams from other courses in our area. It is very similar to Little League baseball, golfers ages 13 and under can compete.

Drive, Chip, and Putt Competition Local Qualifier: Montrêux is host to local qualifying for the national Junior Drive, Chip, and Putt competition. The competition is open to boys and girls age 7 through 15. Those competitors fortunate enough to advance to local, sub-regional and regional qualifying will partake in the national competition at Augusta National Golf Club.

Operation 36 Golf: Operation 36 is a player development model taught by certified PGA instructors centered around actually playing golf. Focused on the goal of shooting par (36) or better for 9 holes, Montrêux currently offers Operation 36 programs for both junior golfers and adults. Contact our Director of Player Development, Brian Seal, for more information on how to sign up!

The Montrêux Makos Swim Team

A swim team is more than learning to go fast. Lots of great young people have come through our team who are now safe in the oceans or lakes they visit because they are good, strong swimmers who can move through the water tirelessly. They can go surfing, water skiing, skin diving and feel at home. A swim team is also about working out with friends in a fun, safe, and healthy environment on a daily basis. It is about memories made in and around the pool. The swim program at Montreux is to help youth ages 5 to 17 develop strong swimming skills and to become strong and safe in water environments.


Kids’ Camps are the highlight of the summer at the Montrêux Fitness Center. From adventurous activities, like rock climbing and archery, to more creative outlets, like painting and drawing, we have summer camps for every child’s interest. Summer camps run from June until August for campers aged 7 through 12, with mini-camp for those aged 3 through 6.

Stay tuned on how to register for Summer Camp in 2023!